Informing the journey, illuminating the way, inspiring change…


In the ordinary world – Susan is a wise guide, an intuitive, a gifted therapist, a compassionate presence;

In the non-ordinary world – She is a shaman, a conductor and a conduit, an instigator, an alchemist in service to the transformative impulse.

Susan bridges both worlds as a Photographer and the Author of her upcoming book.

“Maybe, it’s her presence, or her eyes. Susan sees into you, sometimes further than you want to know. Maybe, it’s the stories she shares. They’re personal, her own dark night ordeals and the places she’s been. Maybe, it’s her manner of support and encouragement, her way of thinking about life and the questions she asks. They’re poignant and to the core. You can’t escape why you’ve come, and you can’t resist where you need to go.Thomas B.

Cincinnati, OH


Susan draws upon thirty years of professional experience and specialized training in integrative treatment modalities. It is however, the quality of her attention and the depth of her compassion that invites one to begin from where they are. »

symbol-offeringsRETREATS AT SKY RANCH

Inquire about private retreats at Sky Ranch Retreat and Conference Center, offering a wilderness sanctuary and an opportunity for deep immersion while working more intensely with Susan. »

symbol-workshopsGROUP EXPERIENCES

Binding ourselves to love in the consecrated space of a circle, we can do together what is impossible to do alone. It is the arena of the Shaman where Susan connects each group member to what is common in us all and the spiritual world. When one heals, we are all healed. »


Susan brings an extraordinary wealth of experience and a depth of understanding to the student/teacher relationship. It is the sacred ground of discovery and revealing. If you have a great desire, a hunger to learn and study, contact or subscribe to receive notices of her teaching. »

Susan is a conduit for the spiritual realm and a midwife to the soul. Her ability to navigate the personal and transpersonal dimensions is exceptional. Her intuitive eye is impeccable and to be seen by her, is a profound experience of seeing yourself.